Why you should invest in Marianna Naturals Corp.

Marianna Naturals will amplify its marketing strategy with up-to-date techniques for customer conversion
and acquisition focusing exclusively on its key vertical growth strategies: Direct to Consumer, celebrity
collaborations, pop-up shop and retail distribution, wholesale white-label and private label. Marianna Naturals
Private Label Collaborations will continue to leverage the reach of celebrities and influencers so that they can
launch their own products and convert customers making them an impressive target for acquisition by a
beauty industry Titan.


Issued and Outstanding: 48,127,007  Type: Class A Common Shares

Options: 1,204,575   Warrants: N/A    

Insider Position: 85%  ISIN: CA56671R1001  CUSIP: 56671R1001


Integral Transfer Agency
100 Queen St East, Suite 203
Toronto, ON M5C-1S6
Tel. 416-623-8028

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