-The company’s skin diagnostics tool that uses artificial-intelligence and augmented-reality to determine the users
skin analysis by screening in real-time 4 important skin issues: wrinkles, dark circles, spots, and skin texture.

-Marianna Naturals is the only company in Canada with this type of hyper-realistic technology integrated into the backend of their websites.
( and

-The company is re-platforming their e-commerce site to the ( platform in-order to handle the expected organic growth of the brand.

-Marianna Natural’s has engaged JMango360 ( a technology firm to develop a mobile application that will be available for download in both the Apple and
Android app stores in approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

-The company purchased the domain a separate site offering full information on their state-of-the-art technology introducing “tech to beauty” to consumers.

-A Google search of the words “skin diagnostics” reveals over 42,000,000 search results with Marianna Naturals ranking as the # 2 result globally seen here via their CEO’s Twitter Page:

-Marianna Naturals radio commercials were played on the #1 radio station in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for the last two weeks of February and the first two weeks of
March 2021, on The Beat 92.5 Fm which has over 1.5 million weekly listeners garnishing the company major attention.

1) Radio ad 1 can be heard here can be heard in the Media Room

2) Radio ad 2 can be heard here can be heard in the Media Room