Marianna Naturals Corp. Acquires the beauty divison of VitaCell International Co. Ltd.(S-CELL)


Marianna Naturals Corp. Acquires the beauty divison of S-CELL
Marianna Naturals Corp. is pleased to announce the acquisition of the beauty division of VitaCell International Co. Ltd.(S-CELL) a Hong Kong company that manufactures natural beauty supplements for skin rejuvenation and stem cell renewal purposes. The purchase agreement with VitaCell was signed on April 27th, 2020. Marianna Naturals will pay the value of $120,000 USD in Consideration Shares at a 50% Discount to the initial private placement offering price of the Purchaser. VitaCell International Co. Ltd. (S-CELL) has a reported annual revenue of over $400,000 USD.  The unit price offered to S-CELL will be $0.10 CAD per unit equal to 1,680,000 shares upon conversion using the date of April 27th, 2020. (
The Consideration Shares are to be issued immediately based upon the projected initial offering price of the Purchaser. If the offering price of the Purchaser is below the current anticipated offering price, the Seller will be issued additional shares to meet the Discount terms.
This strategic acquisition made by Marianna Naturals Corp. will provide them with revenue prior to the end of their fiscal year which is December 31st, 2020.

Joel Hernandez-DeBellefeuille, CEO comments.
"This is an incredible first step for Marianna Naturals, positioning itself as a strong player in the industry. The acquisition of S-CELL's beauty division will give us access to their existing online customer base and e-commerce platform. We now have a manufacturing arm in the Asian market that can manufacture and private label skin care supplements and skin revival masks.
We are on a fast-track to success and appreciate all the hard-work our team members are putting in.
I'd like to welcome Mr. John Gong as a Strategic Advisor to Marianna Naturals. Mr. Gong is the Chairman and Founder of VitaCell International Co. Ltd. He brings a wealth of capital markets experience to the team."

About VitaCell International Co. Ltd.
S-CELL Health & Beauty uses cutting edge technology and the latest scientific breakthroughs to support the body's ability to rejuvenate a particular health concerns. We specialize in cellular health enrichments to deliver effective improvements to health and wellness.
S-CELL Health & Beauty, a brand of VitaCell International Ltd. Co., aims to bring the finest in wellness through the fusion of the century old tradition of the East and the modern advances in science of the West. Located in Hong Kong, S-CELL Health & Beauty's inspiration to provide the best of both worlds remains strong. With its top notch products derived from the finest natural ingredients from all over the world, S-CELL Health & Beauty aims to deliver the power of wellness  through the convenience of a single capsule.

About Marianna Naturals Corp.
Marianna Naturals Corp. is a company that manufactures fresh handmade beauty care, personal care, and cosmetics products, which was born from the hugely popular Beauty Kitchen YouTube series . The founder, Heather Marianna, a bubbly social media personality, translated her passion for looking and feeling her absolute best into the development of her all-natural beauty and skincare product line. Beauty Kitchen's founder and CEO, Heather Marianna, skyrocketed in popularity with the launch of her Beauty Kitchen YouTube series in 2012 where she showcased simple, do-it-yourself beauty recipes made with common kitchen household ingredients. The series generated a powerful following of more than 4 million viewers.





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